Location, Location, Location: Three Reasons Why Our Locations Benefit Your Business

We often hear the question, “Why should we outsource our software projects to a company located in small town Tennessee?”

It’s a fair question since our business model is a bit out of the ordinary. However, 8th Day Software’s locations are an integral and unique component of our value proposition.

Here are three reasons why our location works to your benefit.

  1. Lower cost of doing business

Unlike vendors located in large cities, our rent, taxes, utilities, and cost of living is significantly lower. As a result, we’re able to offer competitive rates and deliver high-quality cost effective software solutions for our clients.

  1. Access to talented technical resources

First rate technical talent can and does come from anywhere. By strategically positioning our offices in small communities within 90 minutes of Nashville and Memphis, we have easy access to talented and hardworking individuals who, when given a competitive career opportunity, prefer the quality of life a small town provides. The result is a highly motivated and skilled team that works hard every day to earn our client’s trust and prove our value.

  1. Proximity to client base

Many large organizations embrace offshore practices solely for the cost savings. However, they dismiss the impact of other factors, like proximity. Not only can we be onsite for important client meetings, but we also share the same time zone, culture, and business environment as our clients. Being close to our client base boosts transparency and minimizes frustrations, resulting in the superior service and work products you expect and deserve.

Our passion and drive for outstanding products and customer service fuel us daily. Contact us today to learn more on how 8th Day Software collaborates with clients to deliver superior results!


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