Thoughts On My 8th Day Internship

By Jesse Lloyd

Going into a new job, you never know what to expect, especially from an internship. I’m thankful my experience at 8th Day Software has been a positive one.

Hard Work

My experience isn’t the stereotypical intern experience of fetching coffee and making copies.

From the first day, I was entrusted with responsibility in real projects with real work and real deadlines. Knowing I’m a valuable team member and not just another resource gave me confidence and helps me learn.

Passionate Work

Software development is more than just writing interesting code. It’s very much about client communication.

I use my front end development skills to design and create project mock ups and demos. Through that, I’ve learned I have a unique talent of communicating with clients. I enjoy hearing descriptions of their ideas and capturing their vision in tangible mock ups and demos. Discovering that talent and being given the opportunity to exercise it regularly is rewarding.

Team Work

I’ve observed that collaboration within the team is key to 8th Day’s success.

No project is a one-person operation. Teams are created to tackle particular projects. Within those teams everyone works together with the goal to create powerful, innovative software.

This internship has been the most important part of my college education so far. I’ve learned a lot about software development, communicating with clients, and about myself as a developer. I’m thankful for the place I’ve found at 8th Day Software.


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