Two Common Software Development Problems (and 8th Day’s Solutions)

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Every team faces challenges. It’s how teams respond to challenges that determines whether they will overcome them and ensure project success.

8th Day Software has identified efficient solutions to two major software development challenges.

Challenge 1: Lack of Communication Across Teams

It’s easy to fall into a trap of assumptions and miscommunication with business analysts, developers, project leads, and QA analysts all working on a project.

8th Day Solution: Using powerful tools like JIRA within a proven and process-driven software development lifecycle, we create seamless collaboration across teams by ensuring transparency and accountability.

We foster internal accountability through face-to-face communication, phone calls, video conferences, instant messaging, and daily stand up meetings.

With access to their project’s JIRA account, clients have the opportunity to hold their 8th Day team accountable and keep track of build and test progress. Not to mention, we’re always on call to answer questions and address concerns.

Challenge 2: Difficulty planning for contingencies

Nothing is perfect, even the most well planned strategies. Though an iterative, Agile methodology can be used to plan extensive strategies with deadlines, occasional bug fixes can cause bigger consequences than expected within a project’s deadline.

8th Day Solution: Each team member maintaining disciplined thought and action within a process diminishes the likelihood of severe problems. It also establishes a more solid foundation for quickly and efficiently addressing problems when they arise.

By practicing internal reviews at every stage of the software development life cycle, 8th Day Software diminishes the likelihood of severe bugs and develops a thorough understanding of the project to better address fixes if they arise.

Operating through principles of disciplined accountability, transparency, and process ensure teams can identify common challenges and solve them before they can negatively impact a project’s success.


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